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Guajillo Corn Tortillas - 12 pieces

Guajillo Corn Tortillas - 12 pieces

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These guajillo tortillas are made from nixtamalized organic and non-GMO corn with dried Guajillo powder. 

Guajillo is one of the most common and popular chili peppers grown and used in Mexico!🌶️ 🇲🇽 ❣️ This pepper has a bit of heat along with smokey notes which brings a wonderful flavor. ⁠We couldn't resist making a tortilla with it and you NEED to try them! We promise you will love the light spiciness and extra color they bring to your plate. ⁠

Size: 14cm


Preparation: Remove the tortillas from the packaging and carefully separate them. Heat up the tortilla on a contact grill or frying pan (without oil) until it softens, about 25 seconds per side. Serve immediately.

Shelf life: Keep refrigerated for about 21 days. Once opened, consume within 3-5 days and keep in a well-sealed bag. Suitable for freezing, we recommend no longer than 90 days. Consume within 3 days after opening.